Our services take the worry off of you by letting our Pharmacy Care Coordinators …

  • Notify you when refills are due
  • Deliver Special packaging right to your door
  • Contact your doctor for your refills
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How It Works

Setting up an account with NPS Pharmacy is simple and easy. If you have an email account, within minutes you can start taking advantage of our free and convenient services. There is no obligation, no fees, and no risk.

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Become Our Customer

Signing up is easy.  Simply complete the Registration form or feel free to call or email any one of our locations and we can help.  There is no risk, no cost, and no obligation.  Just sign up and we’ll take it from there!


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At NPS Pharmacy, we don’t look or act like any other pharmacy that you have ever seen, and that is by design.  NPS Pharmacy is a unique independent pharmacy that has been serving the Southeast since 2001. 

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